About Us

Idigitalsky Pte. Ltd. is an exclusive re-seller of KooBits ProblemSums for International schools and Preschools in Singapore. We are also re-seller of KooBits ProblemSums internationally, with customers from Australia, the United States, Canada, China, Kenya.


Director @idigitalsky
@idigitalsky Alyssa is fully responsible for the day-to-day operations on a global basis. She loves children and is passionate about helping to build the next generation leaders. She is committed to support students’ learning journey in developing critical problem solving and creative thinking skills so as to groom our next generation of innovators and problem solvers.

Ten Scott

Manager @ idigitalsky
Ten resides in Perth, Western Australia with her family. She is passionate about helping young children to build a solid foundation and confidence in mathematics by cultivating interest in learning mathematics in fun, engaging and rewarding ways.


Customer Experience Manager @idigitalsky
Emily is responsible for end-to-end customer experience @ idigitalsky. She is passionate about delivering the highest quality of service in supporting customers. She extremely focused on delighting customers on-line and off-line 24x7x365 by leveraging different digital media platforms without compromising the most critical component of delighting customers i.e with the human touch.

Ryan Ho

Sales @idigitalsky

Ryan Ho is our intern responsible for sales and business development. He is reliable, trustworthy and always keen to learn and improve himself.