KooBits Problemsums: Made for Singapore Mathematics

KooBits Problemsums content and pedagogy are based on Singapore mathematics
the most successful mathematics curriculum in the world according to global mathematics assessment authority.

Singapore mathematics? Here’s how it works:

Singapore Mathematics

Traditional Method

As you see, Singapore Maths removes the challenge of finding common denominator.
Now you can easily visualise the problem to solve it!

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  • 75%  Singapore schools are using KooBits ProblemSums
  • Largest collection of challenging math word problems and video tutorial lessons, over 110, 000+ math questions
  • Customized based on the child’s learning profile
  • Promotes self-directed learning and independence
  • Differentiated learning
  • Factual fluency
  • Flipped classroom
  • Smart proficiency report
  • Engaging – global challenges, leader boards, competitions