KooBits Benefits for Teachers



Don’t you love to spend more time to teach?

KooBits ProblemSums:

  • Is aligned with Singapore Mathematics pedagogy
  • Has visualization tools readily available for teaching, KooBits IVM
  • Create and assign homework / assessments in a breeze
  • Able to prepare assignments in advance
  • Mark and provide feedback instantly
  • Provide a platform for differentiated learning and flip classroom
  • Able to monitor students by groups, class or school

*NEW* Factual Fluency

Create Factual Fluency Practice for the class:

  • Choose Topic, Time and Number of Questions in KooBits.
  • When practice is started, students write down answers on paper.
  • Students swap answer sheets with friends, answers displayed

Peer assessment leads to revision and improvements


* Can also be assigned as E-learning homework: Auto-marking,  instant feedback, results analysis.

Introducing KooBits IVM

KooBits IVM, Interactive Virtual Manipulatives *

  • Interactive tool created to help teachers to visualize math concepts
  • Use it as a complement to existing tools
  • Manipulate it to suit any questions, any examples
  • Visually captivating

* only available in Teacher’s Account

See how KooBits IVM works

Easy assignments

Instant feedback