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idigitalsky is an eLearning education platform. We provide high quality blended eLearning courses.

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Leadership Bootcamp

4 C's with Miss Tou Tou

Sales Masterclass 101

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Inquiry based lessons for developing life skills

OUR VISION is to build a community of new generation leaders with strong core values with high level of self awareness, high self-worth individuals, passionate, give back to the community and the environment.

Pick any modular courses, or you can pick bundled courses at attractive price which you can go through the modules in sequence at your convenience. In addition, you can choose a specific module to hone your skills at anytime.

Future Skills courses

Students need more than just good grades.

To keep up with our rapidly changing world and stand out from the crowd, students need to be great communicators, great collaborators, adaptable, resilient and creative. EtonX delivers courses that bridge the gap between academic success and life in the real world.

Singapore Math, Mastery Method, Modelling Method, Mathematics by Inquiry, Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach. Many names, many concepts – but they are all Mathematics.

Singapore Mathematics pedagogy key focused areas are on building problem-solving skills and an in-depth understanding of essential mathematics skills.

KooBits® ProblemSums provide a unique experience for that and is suitable for every Mathematics teacher and learner. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to help learners to develop and equip them with soft skills and life skills that they need in their pursuit of happiness and success in their life journey. We focus on developing and nurturing the mastery of soft skills and life skills which are important skills in life but yet not deliberately taught in schools.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help fill this gap by educating the new generation to develop life long skill sets from early stages so that they are empowered and grow up to be happy, confident and well-rounded individuals.

idigitalsky provides high quality blended learning for all age groups (as young as 5 years old to above 60 years old). We are advocates of life long learning.  We are passionate about educating and nurturing problem solving skills, critical and creative thinking skills, digital skills, leadership skills and many other life skills coupled with empathy and compassion to help others and the environment.

We develop life-long learners through our engaging and rich content of a blended eLearning platform. We are collaborative partners that form strategic partnerships with the best in class to support our learners’ learning journey and growth.

Our Culture

At idigitalsky, we believe every learner is unique. We believe everyone is special; like a gem stone. We are passionate and committed to curate special blended courses for every age group to support their life long learning journey – empowering our learners to learn based on their needs, and at their own pace.

Based on parents’ and learners’ feedback, we understand that blended learning is preferred as it is more effective. Our courses are delivered online and perfected offline. We create and provide  a safe learning environment for our learners to learn and practice the skills during their learning journey.

We are pleased to announce that SkyGems Academy’s physical location will be launched sometime late 2021 to support our learners! More details will  be provided as we progress. Stay tuned!

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