Perth Center

Perth Center is helmed by Len Kwok, who is our Sales Lead for Western Australia for idigialsky.

Len is a fully registered WA high school teacher. Ex-Singapore secondary school teacher. Teaching subjects include high school maths, physics and chemistry.

Position: Member of School Focus Group, Australian Mathematics Trust (AMT), 1 Sep 2019 till 30 Aug 2020.

The Australian Maths Trust (AMT) is currently working on several exciting new projects.
The SFG member will assist the AMT to build students’ capacity in mathematics and informatics problem solving, both within and outside the school learning environment through new content, programs and other tools. The SFG member will be expected to offer feature suggestions or other guidance to improve the item’s potential uptake, viability and usability within the school community.

Working primarily with the marketing and product development teams, individuals within the group will provide feedback on proposed AMT campaigns, products and assets when required. This feedback will usually take the form of a discussion, survey, workshop, beta test or hands-on user session.