Testimonial: Students & Parents

Testimonial - students from Shanghai LiaoYuan Bilingual School (LYBS), China

Let’s hear what our top students from LYBS have to say about KooBits ProblemSums!

Testimonial - students from Urban Camp, Brazil

Listen to Maya, 6 years old with KooBits!

Testimonial - Global Indian International School (GIIS), Singapore

Testimonial - Perth Center, Australia



Perth Center is definitely the first option of choice for tutors out there, as they have really benefited me in helping me out in many mathematical and physics problems, and not only that, but the tutors there are very understanding and supportive to others that are in dire need of help in maths, chemistry and physics (and also helped me in the fundamentals and basics of engineering mathematics and physics which is what I’m studying now at Curtin).



I would like to thank Mr Len Kwok for inspiring Emmanuel to explore and expand his mathematical Skills in problem-solving through KooBits. My son has become more confident under Mr Kwok’s instructions. Emmanuel enjoys learning Math from Mr Kwok, as he encourages and listens to his frustrations when the work becomes more difficult. Thank you for imparting your passion for learning, Mr Kowk; and for teaching Emmanuel that learning is a process and not just a set of chores!



KooBits has opened up a whole new way of thinking for Elijah. He has thoroughly enjoyed it and found it a lot of fun to learn different techniques to solve problems. He is very inspired to learn more and to continue with KooBits. I would definitely encourage people to try this program as it helps kids to learn techniques that are not currently taught at school. I am so grateful that my friend recommended this to me.



There has been a consistent performance by my son and he is able to apply the method occasionally when he encounters a maths challenging problem.



My son has been attending for a few years now. I’m happy with the open communication I’m able to have with Len, regarding my son’s progress. I’m also thankful to Len for the feedback he gives me from time to time on my son’s efforts.