Shanghai Hong Qiao International School

Teacher's Feedback

Caroline Berry, 4th Grade, September 19, 2018

From mid-August 2018 until mid-September 2018, our 4th grade class participated in a KooBits trial. Students were setup with individual accounts that allowed them to engage in math activities through games, homework assignments, and individual/class challenges. During this time, students were very engaged in their learning. They enjoyed challenging each other to problems online and playing games that supported their learning. Through KooBits, students were able to self-direct their learning to achieve different goals.

As a teacher, I found the platform to be user-friendly and effective for supporting students’ learning. I enjoyed the videos and tools that helped make my classroom lessons more interactive. I especially enjoyed the homework feature, which allowed me to differentiate for my various students’ abilities and current level of understanding for particular math concepts. Having used many other math online learning platforms in the past, I felt KooBits was the most user-friendly, engaging and academically relevant and would be very pleased to continue to use it in my classroom.

According to 4th graders in our class: 

“I liked the homework because it was pretty fun and I like doing math.” 
“I liked everything!” 
“I liked the Brain Games and the challenges because they were exciting and help you learn.” 
“KooBits lets us learn math and reading at the same time and it’s fun!” 
“When you compete in challenges, you get points and it is great to compete with your classmates.”