Month: June 2020

Webinar: The ‘new normal’ for Students and Education Institutions in the post Covid-19 era

Mark your calendars! July 2nd 2020, 8pm Beijing time

🌞Good day ladies and gentlemen!🌞
Our routines have witnessed changes brought about by the covid19 pandemic. 😴These changes expected to be relatively permanent in our lives (as suggested by researchers) is commonly referred to as the “new normal”. 🙂
In this webinar we will draw from in-depth experience of distinguished educationists in discussing challenges and solutions for students and educational institutions in the post covid19 era.🌙🌹
✌️Join us on the 2nd of July 2020 as we discuss with our panelists- the TeachSDGs Ambassador for UN 2030 Agenda and CEO Eduharbor Margarita Lukavenko; the Director of Academics at the Love Trust Johannesburg South Africa Silas Pillay and Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Nigeria, JohnBosco Chukwuorji. 💪🎉🎁
Education and Research Consortium (EARC).
Skygems Academy and Idigitalsky

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SkyGems Podcast awesome guest speakers!

SkyGems Podcast Series 1 – August 2020
Topic: How Covid-19 Transformed The Education Industry

Here are just some of our awesome guest speakers from all around the world, each with their own challenges during the pandemic. We have many more amazing guests, sharing their insights and honest opinions on how Covid-19 is shaping the NEW NORMAL of the Education Industry.

Stay tuned and stay safe!

Series 1

Iain Riley Aaron Wise Evan D. Hunt Robert Champion Ummesalma Rizvi Silas Pillay Felix Dike Dan Marrone CMgr MIML

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SkyGems Podcast page

Watch this space for SkyGems Podcast Series 1:
How Covid-19 Transformed The Education Industry
[August 2020]

Leaders and educators around the world share their viewpoints, unique experiences, challenges faced, and how they continuously adapt and change to overcome challenges faced throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.