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SkyGems Podcast Episode 4: Rob Champion

“You know, this shows how important it is, to have those skills of lifelong learning – that responsibilities and that importance of being able to go off and learn, discover for yourself. I think it is very, very important,” Rob Champion.

Listen now to SkyGems Academy Podcast Episode 4 for Rob Champion’s podcast to listen to Rob’s sharing of ideas and experiences:

The technological barrier really means that we have to go above and beyond to really make sure that we are engaging our students, and we are spending time with them, one-to-one.” Rob Champion. Tune in to Episode 4 SkyGems Academy Podcast. Listen to Rob’s sharing interesting insights and stories of his life during Covid-19 pandemic in Rawang, Malaysia.

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SkyGems Podcast Episode 3: Aaron Wise

“For future generations I would say, develop your character. Really take a look at yourself and say to yourself, what is important for me, how am I going to live a good life,” Aaron Wise.

Tune in NOW to SkyGems Academy Podcast Episode 3 for Aaron Wise’s podcast to learn more insights.

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Aaron was in Beijing during the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic back in January 2020. Aaron had spent a period of time in Romania and now in USA and is looking forward to return to Beijing once possible. Listen to Aaron’s sharing interesting insights and stories on how he managed atd adapted to remote and online management of the school, students and parents from miles away.

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Skygems Podcast: Episode 1 Iain Riley

Iain believes that pastoral well-being is important.

“Pastoral well-being session for the kids with the teachers are just online and the kids can just talk about anything – their favourite movie, their favourite book,” said Iain.

Tune in to Iain Riley’s Podcast Episode 1 on SkyGems Academy Podcast for more insights and sharing of how Covid-19 has impacted the education industry.

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