St. Joseph's Institution International School, SJII

Teacher's Feedback

Juliana Wong, Head of Mathematics, Elementary School

KooBits provides teachers with an extra resource that supplements the Singapore Maths curriculum well. It is a useful platform to have, especially when students have missed a few days of lessons. As it is self-directed, teachers are able to direct these students to the relevant lesson videos and try out the self-practice questions. The Create Homework function is allows teachers to quickly print out a sheet of problems that best suits each child’s need. We appreciate how the platform helps teachers with differentation.

Our students have enjoyed using KooBits, particularly playing the Brain Games. Of course, they are allowed to go onto Brain Games only after they’ve completed the Daily Challenge. It is great that KooBits has put in much thought into the development of the platform, setting a time limit on Brain Games and switching off the function after 8 p.m. These have eased the concerns of many teachers and parents.

All in all, KooBits has been a fun and useful tool to enrich learning for our students.

Clare Wong, 4th Grade Mathematics Teacher

The 4th graders and I enjoyed using Koobits thoroughly . The learning targets of our curriculum is aligned closely to what they have on Koobits. We used the daily challenge about thrice a week to get our brains working before our lessons. The students were really motivated to work on the daily challenge as it is very relevant to what they were working on and it is an indication of their progress too. They were also able to learn from their mistakes independently by watching the explanatory videos for each challenge.

The Factual Fluency is another platform for students to recall their times-table in a fun way. It is a quick starter and teachers can customise each challenge for individual students.

Koobits allows students to learn in a fun and engaging way and the different levels help to cater to students of different abilities. This platform is also very student-centred and easily understood by the user. Independent learning is encouraged through the ‘Self-practices’ and the videos found in Koobits!